Turning 150 - a challenge! - Total to date 122

Canada is 150 (until July 1st) - and a challenge might be in order.

The challenge is for members of our Guild to turn at least 150 items to donate to good causes.

I have already done twelve pieces - so we have a head start. I've donated things to: a fundraiser for cancer research, a school, a "safe grad", a couple of local theatre groups, the "Kikima Grannies" (a group which supports some grandmothers in Kenya), a L'Arche community, and a few other local "good causes".

Some of you, no doubt, already have a head start on this. Send us the info and photos.

So, contact your local charities and get turning! The challenge is on! Turn and donate.

Step 1 - find a charity or other good cause.
Step 2 - turn something.
Step 3 - donate it.
Step 4 - let us know what you have donated (preferably with a photo) and to whom you have donated it.

Send the details and photos to the webmaster: webmaster@novawoodturnersguild.com

(Don't forget to take photos - I sometimes forgot...)


Donation to a silent auction for the IWK Cancer Research - Darrell Eisner

Donation to Bob Burchard hockey scholarship fund for their annual golf tournament - Darrell Eisner

Thirteen items donated in NGW’s 2016/2017 calendar year - Don Moore
Two "Bowls" donations to the Riverport Fire Department… no photo's - Don Moore
Donated to I.W.K.’s Bravery Bead Box Project - Don Moore

Donated to Riverport Lions - Don Moore
Donated to NWG’s Christmas Social (4 pieces) - Don Moore

Donated to NSDCC’s Aestival Festival (2 ornaments) - Don Moore
Donated to Riverport Community Centre (2 ornaments) - Don Moore
Donated also to NWG for Service Thank You gift - Don Moore

Three items donated by Zalman Amit
Platter made of figured maple, walnut and Cherry, as well as Turquoise, Jet Black stone and Red Choral.

Elevated bowl made of Padauk and Turquoise.

Abstract bowl made of maple, Cherry and Walnut.

Pine lidded box - Hannah Miller Scholarship - Dianne Looker

Small cherry bowl - KK Grannies - Dianne Looker

Small maple bowl - KK Grannies - Dianne Looker

Small screwdrivers - Gaspereau school - Dianne Looker

Small cherry bowl with beads - Gaspereau School - Dianne Looker

Cherry bowl - Scramble For Cancer Care - Dianne Looker

Cherry bowl with beads - Safe Grad - Dianne Looker

Cherry bowl with beads - Dianne Looker

Cherry bowl with rings - Dianne Looker

Maple bowl with rings - Women of Wolfville - Dianne Looker

Spruce burl bowl for Evangeline Kennel Club - Dianne Looker

Bullet pen to Advocate District School sports program - Harold Mclellan Looker