Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Oct 19th in the classroom at the NSCC, Mel Larsen from SIA will give a talk on abrasives.

Happy Thanksgiving

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September Meeting

The 2009-2010 season of the Nova Woodturners Guild was held at Halifax Specialty Hardwoods and was attended by over 30 members.

Once again the guild received a warm welcome from Darryl and Cheryl, who hosted the meeting, supplied drinks and snacks and offered a generous 15% discount to members for purchases made on the night.

Darryl and Bill

Owner, Darryl Vallis, is constantly building up the species of wood that he has available. Aside from the board stock he carries, many of the species are cut into useful sized blocks for woodturners. In the last few months he has added tigerwood, ebony and shedua to his range.

After the welcome it was out to the shop where Darryl gave a brief introduction to the capabilities of HSH's new "toy" - a new six-head moulder. This is an impressive beast of a machine about the size (and apparently cost!) of a small truck! It certainly appears to make it much easier and faster to produce custom mouldings, which come from the machine with a very impressive smooth finish.

Six Head Moulder

For the main event of the meeting, Dave Wilkins demonstrated the the Beall Buffing System, showing how it can be be used in a variety of situations, using the three wheels or bowl/goblet buffs.The standard system consists of using three wheels of increasingly softer compositions (linen, cotton/linen, and flannel) with 3 types of buffing materials ( Tripoli, white diamond and carnauba.)

The Beall System is carried locally by Lee Valley and if you missed the meeting, you can get an idea of how the system works on the Beall site.

Dave Buffing

Following Dave's demonstration, and some general discussion of the product, including safety issues, Richard Ford then demonstrated his own "homemade" version of the system.Richard's version, which he has developed over the last couple of years, created a lot of interest among the members, and in some ways it had advantages of the commercial system - in terms of gaining access to tight corners in turnings for example.

Richard Ford

Following these excellent demonstrations, the meeting wrapped up with a return to the retail area of the store, where members took the opportunity, to shop, chat and snack,and collect their wood for the Fun Turn - a nice piece of African Mahogany this year.

Anyone who missed the meeting can collect their Fun Turn piece from Bill Luther at Busy Bee tools.

July Exhibition in Truro

The Nova Woodturners' Guild Summer Exhibition 2009 was held at the Marigold Centre in Truro. It was organised by our member Donald Allen. It orginally was scheduled to run from July 4 to July 30th, but luckily we were extended and pieces were on display until August 14th.. Nine exhibitors had 88 pieces entered. An opening event was held on July 4. NWG was featured in an article in the Truro daily newspaper to promote our guild and the exhibition.

There is a brief video of the gallery available on You Tube Pictures soon! Thanks to all who submitted pieces for display, those who visited the exhibition and especially Donald Allen for organizing this event for our members.


June 15 Meeting : Annual General Meeting :

Members discussed various items and passed the accounts. Dues were increased to $50 to address possible deficits and increased costs of the woodturning competition at Lee Valley. Committee for competitions will stay the same.

The new executive are:

Bill Luther President
Dave Wilkins Vice president
Alan Hunt, treasurer
Chris Palmer Secretary
Maureen Simpson, Director at large
Ian Scott, Director at large
Don Allen Director at large
Don Moore, Director at large, Competition Committee
Jim Diamond continues as librarian

Zalman Amit

Zalman Amit is a master turner from Bridgewater. He has two shows coming up:

In Halifax: in the Library of the Institute of Theology, The Opening is on October 8. The show will continue at least until the end of October.

In Lunenburg: This is the main show exclusively of recent work. The opening is on October 31. It will remain open for two weeks.
(Opening hours: 12:00-4:00).

Zalman at Lee Valley, from Ted Monk's blog


Peer Gallery

Dave Wilkins