Video by Cap'n Eddie Castelin showing how to make jig for resetting wolverine (or other sharpening) jigs.

Recommended by Norm Jolivet at the January meeting.

Various Charts


  • Micro Lathe :Design program for woodturners.
  • Microlathe allows you to draw a profile and then see what it will look like as a turned 3D object viewed from any angle. You can make changes to the profile and see their effects on the finished form.

    It doesn't require installation (so it doesn't make any changes to your system), simply download it and save it to your hard drive, then unzip the zip file to a suitable folder. Double-click the Lathe.exe file to run it.

  • Graph Paper Generator Read the two Readme files first: Readme and ReadMe1
  • Read Me : ReadMe File for Graph paper Generator
  • ReadMe1 ReadMe File for Graph paper Generator

  • Making Your Own Buffing System

    A series of videos made by guild member, Richard Ford, explaining how he makes his own version of a three wheel buffing system, using metal and wood lathes.


    Dave McLachlan passed along a tip he has been using to make collets of different sizes using 3/4" birch plywood. Disks of plywood are sized to fit inside your chuck jaws and drilled with a specific-sized hole in the center to hold smaller work pieces. Slots are cut from the outer edge of the disk toward the center - but not all the way to the inner hole. Then slots are cut between the first slots from the inside hole out outwards - but not all the way to the edge of the disk. The disk is placed in the chuck jaws loosely and the work piece inserted in the inner hole. When the chuck jaws are tightened, the slots allow the disk to compress gripping the work piece firmly. Download the templates here.